Crayton-Heritage is the product of the merger of Crayton Printing, which began as a print production shop for The Masons, and Heritage Letterpress, which printed books and periodicals from hot lead and foundry type. Crayton-Heritage continued to print books until 2006, when the last book came off the press. The giant, 20 foot long Miehle press still sits in wait for the next book order and the drawers of foundry type to set pages of copy one letter at a time still line one wall of the shop. Nearby sit antique typesetting equipment and presses that act as a reminder of the origins of the company. We affectionately refer to this side of the building as "The Museum."


In our current print production, we have managed to strike a balance between the quality of the past and the technology of today. None of our presses are less than 40 years old and while they no longer have "that new press smell," they are each carefully maintained and continue to make some of the highest quality prints in the business. After all, they don't make them like they used to. On these classic presses, we use modern photopolymer plastic plates, which allow us to make letterpress plates in-house that can withstand the intense force of deep impressions. 


Crayton-Heritage Letterpress continues to carve out a niche for the highest quality printing and foil stamping.  We have found many people with a craving for beautiful pieces made by master craftsmen and it is our daily challenge to raise printed material to an art form. We all see the value in unique, creative, and interest-capturing business cards, announcements, invitations, and personal notes, and we will continue to create them.